With post-Brexit economic forecasts and an intensifying government concentration on IHT collection, it’s hard to foresee any dilution of IHT in its current format any time soon. In fact, IHT receipts are forecast to reach almost £6 billion in just three years.

Recommending an investment to mitigate IHT at a time of so much economic and political upheaval seems like a daunting task. The latest edition of our BR Industry Report suggests otherwise, with an adviser survey finding that less than 4% of advisers who recommend BR, view it as harder to recommend in the current Brexit turmoil. Almost all advisers also predicted their use of BR to increase or stay the same over the next two years, with the rest expecting it to stay the same.

AIM focused BR managers took a battering in Q4 2018 and the government is shouting from the rooftops about closing the tax gap amid increasing IHT investigations. It’s clearly not a time to go it alone. But, while there may be increased scrutiny of all estate planning, there is certainly plenty of scope for new opportunities for those with the relevant BR expertise. A need for tax-efficient vehicles to accept funds disallowed from pensions and indications of under-use of BR by lower value estates are good places to start.

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