The Alternative Investment Market (AIM) has demonstrated increasing maturity over the past year – while still living up to its reputation as “the world’s leading growth market”. Despite a number of headwinds that have caused volatility, not to mention the ongoing uncertainty created by Brexit, AIM has shown resilience and the ability to bounce back from global economic turmoil to show its second largest ever market value.

This strength is clearly being welcomed by financial advisers, who have shown in our third AIM Industry Report that they still recognise the market as one with good growth potential for clients. Brexit has not dampened their willingness to recommend AIM, while for nearly three-quarters of advisers 2018’s volatility has not impacted their enthusiasm for the market.

This latest edition of our AIM Industry Report examines those advisers’ views in more detail, and takes a closer look at the underlying statistics in the market, including analysing the various tax-efficient offers available on AIM. It also gets under the hood of recent regulatory changes designed to polish AIM’s reputation.

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