EIS Industry Report 2019

Tax Efficient Members Only EIS Industry Report 2019

  • The Enterprise Investment Scheme provided nearly £1.8bn in capital to growing businesses in 2016/17, and approximately 28,000 companies have received over £18bn in funding since the launch of EIS in 1993.

    The latest edition of Intelligent Partnership’s EIS Industry Report examines the landscape after the rule changes to EIS. This includes how investment managers have reacted in terms of the investee companies they are focusing on; how the appetite for EIS has changed among advisers and investors; and a deep dive into the investee companies that the government wants investors to focus on.

A Professional’s Guide to Estate Planning

Tax Efficient CPD Accredited Members Only A Professional’s Guide to Estate Planning

  • At a time when the Treasury’s IHT take is higher than ever, we feel it is an apt time to give professionals, who may meet clients on a weekly or daily basis, with estate planning needs, a greater insight into the options available as well as the opportunities for their business in this area. Regulators and clients now expect a proactive and holistic approach to legal and financial challenges and there is plenty of overlap in synergies when it comes to trusts, cash flow modelling, investment advice and later life issues such as equity release or long-term care planning between lawyers, accountants and financial advisers. With their combined knowledge bases, but separate expertise, it makes sense for them to work together to identify and fulfil all of the complimentary needs of each other’s clients.

    This Guide is designed a practical resource that will help professionals become more knowledgeable and confident about estate planning.

An Adviser’s Guide to Peer to Peer Lending

Alternative Finance CPD Accredited Members Only An Adviser’s Guide to Peer to Peer Lending

  • Peer to peer lending is a dynamic market that is much more mature than many give it credit for. It is fully regulated, home to significant institutional investment and provides excellent inflation-beating, fixed income diversification opportunities. But, it is a relatively new asset class with a range of platforms and operating models, not to mention regulations.

    This guide is intended to help financial advisers and planners to get to grips with how P2P can fit into their service offering and what it can do for their clients.

    Meet with Alt Fi providers

    Meet a selection of Alternative Finance providers in one morning, including Downing, Octopus Investments, Triple Point, Goji, and RateSetter.

    The events will go into detail on the investment objective of these providers, as well as details of the underlying investments, how they differentiate themselves, and the details of all their charges.





    Our Alt Fi Showcase events are taking place at four locations across the UK:

    • London 5 February
    • Exeter 6 February
    • Bristol 12 February
    • Cheshire 13 February

    Find out here how you can book your free place.

BR Industry Report 2018

Tax Efficient CPD Accredited Members Only BR Industry Report 2018

  • With IHT receipts approaching the £5bn mark in 2016/17, estate planning tools have become a hot topic. Business Relief (BR) is one of the lesser known estate planning solutions, but its use is on the rise. In 2014, over £2bn was claimed in BR exemptions via BR.

    Our latest BR report looks at the environment that surrounds this tax efficient vehicle, including how it is providing much needed patient capital to UK businesses, the significance of BR against the backdrop of an ageing population, the significance of the AIM market in BR, as well as the latest compliance considerations that advisers should be aware of.

EIS Report 2018

Tax Efficient CPD Accredited Members Only EIS Report 2018

  • EIS was one of the main targets of the 2017 Autumn budget. The resultant changes, and the responses to the government’s Patient Capital Review have solidified government support for the scheme, whilst making sure that EIS is focused on investment in legitimate risk capital.

An Adviser’s Guide to the Innovative Finance ISA

Alternative Finance CPD Accredited Members Only An Adviser’s Guide to the Innovative Finance ISA

  • HM Treasury has referred to the IFISA as a way to, “provide ISA holders with greater choice over how to invest and will support the crowdfunding sector to continue to grow as a source of alternative finance for businesses.” The inclusion of additional consumer protections which must be present in the P2P and debt based securities investments that are IFISA eligible can only be reassuring for potential investors. But there are a number of other considerations as well as the everyday practicalities. Our goal with this guide is to give advisers an understanding of these so that they build the confidence to make the best use of the opportunities that the IFISA presents for their clients.

AIM Industry Report 2017/18

Tax Efficient CPD Accredited Members Only AIM Industry Report 2017/18

  • Intelligent Partnership have published the second industry report focused on the AIM market. Part of their award winning Alternative Investment Report (AiR) series, the 88 page, CPD accredited report takes an in-depth look at AIM from advisers and financial planners’ point of view, with a particular focus on tax efficient investments.

An Adviser’s Guide to Business Relief – First Edition

Tax Efficient CPD Accredited Members Only An Adviser’s Guide to Business Relief – First Edition

  • Business Relief (BR) has become an increasingly important IHT mitigant as financial planning for later life has become more and more complex. Recent HMRC research has revealed It’s application is “in keeping with policy objectives” and the Government, “is committed to protecting the important role that this tax relief plays in supporting family-owned businesses, and growth investment in the AIM and other growth markets”. While this is a sector in which adviser understanding and confidence can deliver substantial added value to clients, there are some tricky nuances and important developments to take into account, as well as the everyday nuts and bolts. Our guide is the first in a series that aims to give readers the technical knowledge and practical know-how to navigate the challenges of undertaking BR investment.

Debt Based Securities Report 2017

Alternative Finance CPD Accredited Members Only Debt Based Securities Report 2017

  • As with many of the investments we cover, the case for investing in debt based securities is compelling. They can provide yield and genuine diversification at a time when both are at a premium among conventional assets, with lower levels of volatility than equities.

Media and Entertainment Report 2017

Tax Efficient CPD Accredited Members Only Media and Entertainment Report 2017

  • This sector is a UK success story, demand for content is high, investments return to cash quickly and there is genuine risk and return built into the model. According to our research, over 30% of specialist EIS or SEIS opportunities are in the Media and Entertainment sector.