Advance Assurance: Risk to capital forum took place at HM Treasury on May 14


Advance Assurance: Demystifying risk-to-capital

On 14 May the HMRC policy team – Alex Buckley, Bezhan Salehy, Martin Trott, Cathy Wilson – held a Q&A session at HM Treasury in London to demystify the new rules changes to Advance Assurance and VC schemes. The audience included financial advisers and VC investment managers. Topics included how the risk-to-capital condition would be implemented, as well as queries related to the Advance Assurance process. One of the most crucial updates to the VC landscape from the Autumn Budget 2017 was the introduction of the risk-to-capital condition to assess whether investments are aligned with the “spirit” of the legislation.… continue reading

May 21, 2018