Real Assets Members Only Gold Price Falls

6 May 2013 8 minutes

  • Gold has had a particularly volatile year and has fallen by over 30% since its peak in September 2011. Here Daniel Kiernan looks at some of the reasons for the recent fall in the price of gold.

Six Key Factors Driving Investors into Alternatives

Real Assets Members Only Six Key Factors Driving Investors into Alternatives

1 May 2013

  • Investors today are juggling with stock market volatility, low returns on cash, high inflation, slow economic growth and poor value pension products along with falling house prices. Taken together these issues have been the drivers for some investors to look to alternative investments in the search for higher returns and a more secure store of wealth.

Real Assets Members Only Alternative Investment Drivers

29 Apr 2013 7 minutes

  • The alternative investment sector has seen a large amount of growth in recent years. Daniel Kiernan looks at some of the key drivers behind the sector, including higher than target inflation.

Real Assets Picks Shovels and Roughnecks: Precious Metals Special

15 Apr 2013 20 minutes

  • The monthly programme devoted to investing in commodities focuses on precious metals. Our experts look at prospects for gold prices as well as the varying dynamics of the global silver, paladium and platinum markets

Real Assets Members Only The Role of Alternatives

15 Apr 2013 7 minutes

  • Daniel Kiernan looks at the role that alternative investments can play in a well diversified investment portfolio, including the effect volatility can have on returns over a period of time.

Student Property: Should you invest?

Real Assets Members Only Student Property: Should you invest?

14 Mar 2013

  • Purpose build student property is a growing sector in the UK. IP’s Luke Jackson provides an overview of the market, highlighting the key areas of consideration for potential investors and their advisors.

Real Assets Picks Shovels and Roughnecks: Episode 1

22 Feb 2013 20 minutes

  • The monthly programme that examines all things resource related with a panel of industry experts. Prospects for gold prices, will uranium pull up out of its funk and the great shale gas revolution comes to Europe.

Alternative Investment Report (AiR) 2013

Real Assets CPD Accredited Alternative Investment Report (AiR) 2013

  • Intelligent Partnership has published AiR 2013 – the first comprehensive and accredited Industry Report on Alternative Investments accredited by the CII and IFP, with a focus on real assets marketed to UK retail investors. Sectors covered include property, land, forestry, energy, farmland, precious metals and collectibles. Advisers looking to educate themselves or broaden their investment offering post RDR can download a complimentary copy and claim CPD towards their member scheme.