Alternative Investment Report 2013

Intelligent Partnership has published AiR 2013, the first comprehensive and accredited Industry Report on Alternative Investments – with a focus on real assets marketed to UK retail investors. Sectors covered include property, land, forestry, energy, farmland, precious metals and collectibles. Advisers looking to further educate themselves, offering post RDR, can earn CPD towards their member scheme.

The focus of this industry report is on real assets that are most commonly described as alternative investments. The emphasis is on directly held, non-regulated investments marketed to UK based retail investors in 2012.

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Some of the topics covered include:

  • An overview of the drivers behind the growth in alternative investments
  • A closer look at the changing regulatory environment
  • A summary of the distribution landscape
  • Analysis of the role of alternative investments within a traditional investment portfolio
  • Insight into the requirement for further due diligence
  • A review of current trends and market sentiment

The report also offers detailed analysis of the eight most common alternative investment sub-sectors or asset classes which, for the purposes of this report, have simply been defined as sectors. This analysis is based upon in-depth market research; giving readers an up to date snapshot of the types of alternative investment products available in the market.

This Alternative Investment Report is primarily aimed at:

  • Financial advisers and intermediaries
  • Alternative investment promoters
  • Alternative investment product providers
  • SIPP operators who accept alternative investments
  • Industry advisers and practitioners

It is not intended to recommend particular products or sectors; endorse specific business practices or investment strategies; nor criticise or oppose other types of investment. The intention is to provide a market neutral, factual overview of a relatively new sector and assist readers in developing their knowledge and understanding of alternative investments. Investments into real assets through collective investment structures receive plenty of coverage elsewhere, although they are touched upon in some of the analysis they were mostly excluded from this research. Some analysis of the SIPP market has also been included as bespoke SIPPs have been a contributory driver in the growth of the industry.