Report reveals the strategic importance of Precision Engineering in the UK

• 40 page report commissioned by Cyrus Investment Management LLP to educate advisers and investors
• Research reveals 355 UK Precision Engineering firms are underfunded, undervalued and ripe for takeover
• The supply and demand curve of Precision Engineering is enhanced by the growing trend of UK manufacturers reshoring, with 15% having done so in the past 8 years

Intelligent Partnership (IP), the UK’s leading provider of research and education on alternative investments, has published the first industry report focused purely on Precision Engineering as an asset class. This independent report is sponsored by Cyrus Investment Management LLP, a specialist EIS fund manager that offers individuals the ability to invest in this asset class benefiting from over 50 years of experience with British Precision Engineering businesses.

Guy Tolhurst, Managing Director of Intelligent Partnership commented: “Britain is famous for its strong tradition of engineering excellence, stretching back to the industrial revolution. UK Precision Engineering investments have not historically been on the radar of smaller investors – structures and entry levels tend to attract private equity, institutions and corporate money. But now there are options for retail investors to get exposure to this asset class.”

The report revealed that the majority of the companies in this sector are SMEs which have experienced a reduction in funding since the credit crunch. However, the current investment market varies between large corporations and individual investors, where corporations look to gain knowledge in order to grow and individuals invest in more of a short term proposition to mitigate risks.

The report also examines the risks and due diligence of Precision Engineering as an investment, the role it can play within an investment portfolio and the specific consideration investors have to bear in mind when investing in the industry.

The latest in IP’s series of Real Assets Reports – which includes Rare Stamps & Coins and Fine Wine – The Precision Engineering Report is designed to provide readers with the background and knowledge to make an informed decision about whether investments in Precision Engineering would be suitable and beneficial for them and help readers understand how to mitigate risks.

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