Understanding how to make the most of the Business Relief growth
opportunity and deliver good outcomes for clients is examined closely
in The inheritance tax net is widening and growing your estate
planning business is a key opportunity.

One prominent manager makes a case for the value to be found in
small-cap stocks and answers some of the questions facing the AIM
market at the moment in Have smaller companies reached their turning

In Meet the Manager – Nick Hawthorn, Fund Manager at Downing, we sit
down with Nick to take a closer look at Downing’s AIM IHT strategies
and what makes them different from other providers in the space.

With much speculation and discussion on the two principal parties’
approach to IHT, what is actually likely to happen? One manager
analyses the landscape in Inheritance Tax: The future.

In anticipation of the latest release of An Adviser’s Guide to
Business Relief, sponsored by TIME Investments, we release a teaser
article that takes a deeper dive into the AIM market in Under the BR
bonnet: Focus on AIM.

One manager takes a closer look at an inheritance tax planning
scenario for a client who has sold a business within the last three
years in The adviser benefit of using client IHT planning scenarios.

In this Product in focus: The Zenzic Estate Planning Service article,
we take a look at some of the distinct advantages the Zenzic Estate
Planning Service can offer investors, and also share a video interview
with Managing Partner, Thomas Lloyd-Jones.

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