Our 2014 industry report on Real Asset based alternative investments is designed to aid readers with their whole of market knowledge by providing unique content and insight. The report includes a large amount of primary research including adviser, investment provider and pension provider surveys and unique analysis on a number of alternative investment sectors. This has allowed a number of trends to be highlighted and conclusions to be drawn on the alternative investment market. The sector analysis is based on our alternative investment register of over 800 investment products spanning the 8 key sectors. This register is unique and has been produced from online research, mystery shopping and support from a wide range of alternative investment providers.

Why should you read this report?

  • Gain valuable market intelligence across 148 richly-detailed pages
  • Get a deep insight into 8 different investment sectors
  • Benefit from analysis of 763 investment products globally
  • Earn up to 5 hours of CPD from the IFP, CII and PFS
  • Access the most up to date information to aid whole of market understanding


  • Introduction
  • 2013 in Review
  • Alternative Investments
  • Mainstream Assets
  • Focus on Liquidity
  • Regulation
  • Speaking at SIPP Industry Events
  • Alternatives and SIPPs
  • Distribution of Alternatives
  • Alternatives and Platforms
  • Alternative Investment Structures
  • Advising on Alternatives
  • Investment Operator Survey
  • Financial Adviser Survey
  • Personal Pension Provider Survey
  • Sector Analysis
  • Geographical Spread


Who is the Report aimed at?

• Financial advisers, planners and wealth managers
• Professional financial intermediaries
• Pension operators who accept alternative investments
• Investment providers
• Sophisticated investors

The report does not provide recommendations but it does aim to be subjective and highlight areas of concern in the market. This includes key obstacles to be aware of when advising on alternatives, and ensuring that clients fully understands the risks associated with each investment. You can access the report by clicking on the button below. If you are not already registered with Intelligent Partnership you will be required to enter a few details before the report opens.

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