Our Adivser’s Guide to Business Relief is now in its third edition and has become an invaluable resource for financial advisers on this increasingly useful tax-advantaged investment area. The relief itself has now been around for over 45 years and has the power to resolve later life tax-planning conundrums and to drive investment into UK PLC. It helps shield family businesses from inheritance tax that could otherwise stifle their development, and it has matured into a useful funding pathway for green energy firms. Both investors and investees can benefit from ongoing growth, but like all tax reliefs, understanding the practical and regulatory aspects is key. So, any rules changes and technical titbits are reflected in this new version, the thought leadership has been refreshed with new contributions from industry experts and the case studies are right up to date with 2021/22 tax rates and allowances.

You can claim up to 4 hours CPD for reading the update and it is free to access here.

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