VCT Key Findings

Tax Efficient Members Only VCT Key Findings

16 Feb 2016

  • Pension changes, restrictions on what higher earners can save and the threat to higher rate relief has brought the VCT sector back into consideration for many advisers. With upfront Income Tax relief and the ability to earn tax-free income, we think VCTs will be an important tool in advisers’ kit bags. With £3.46 billion funds under management in 97 VCTs from 32 providers, advisers will need to familiarise themselves with the current market. This article will outline the VCT market composition at Q1 2016, the typical charges VCT investors need to be aware of when making VCT investment, as well as the investment performance.

Pension Freedom – Where do alternatives fit

Tax Efficient Members Only Pension Freedom – Where do alternatives fit

5 Mar 2015

  • The new pension freedoms are fast approaching and savers will no longer be required to purchase an annuity. These new freedoms open up a range of asset classes that have not been accessible to these investors previously. There has been a significant amount of speculation as to where investors may want to put their hard earned money. Alternatives should be considered alongside mainstream investments as a way of fulfilling the goals of a pension investment. This article looks at the new changes, what pensions savers are looking for and how alternatives can fit into the pension freedom era.

Why Invest in Smaller Companies?

Tax Efficient Members Only Why Invest in Smaller Companies?

29 Jul 2014

  • Small companies have played an important role in the UK economy for many years, but recently start-ups or already established companies looking to expand are struggling to find funding. Investors who like to take a more hands-on approach may find that investing in a small business can provide several benefits that aren’t available elsewhere.

EIS: Measuring Performance

Tax Efficient EIS: Measuring Performance

8 May 2014

  • One of the biggest obstacles to investment in the EIS sector is the lack of independent, accurate performance information. Without this information advisers and investors are putting their money in a blind pool and trusting that the manager will be able to produce the kind of performance they are promising, but with no verifiable track record to assess the veracity of their claims.


Rolling up EIS Investments

Tax Efficient Members Only Rolling up EIS Investments

2 Dec 2013

  • Following Intelligent Partnership’s previous paper “A Review of the Advantages of EIS Investing, with a Focus on Using a Portfolio Approach”, this article examines the possibility of re-investing the gains from EIS investments in other EIS offers.