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Brief Overview

Property has been a store of wealth in the UK for many generations and is a fundamental element of the economy, connected to both employment and economic growth.  Long income property is a relatively new sub-sector, that can provide significant advantages over traditional commercial property, including very stable returns with low volatility and inflation protection.  Until recently, it was not available to retail investors through an authorised fund structure.   Our report covers the investment case, the history, the current state of the market and the outlook for the future, so readers will be able to approach the sector from a position of knowledge.

“In the current economic environment of low interest rates and an uncertain future for bond returns, many retail investors are seeking secure, predictable income returns, continuous liquidity, inflation protection and prospects for capital growth. Investing in long income property may achieve all of these.

Nigel Ashfield

Managing Director & Partner at TIME: Investments

Comments on the Long Income Property sector

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