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Brief Overview

Dry Bulk Shipping is an established industry that has been around for centuries and is essential to global trade. The industry is well placed  to take advantage of any economic recovery and now could well be the perfect time to invest as there is not enough supply, so any rise in demand will have to lead to higher valuations. However, this is a niche investment and so advisers will need to inform themselves about the risks and benefits. Our report covers the investment case, the history, the current state of the market and the outlook for the future, so readers will be able to approach the sector from a position of knowledge.

“We appear to be at a ten-year low
in the value and freight rate cycle for dry cargo. If so, now is a good time to buy, so long as leverage is low and the further investment in a carry cost is available. Market sentiment is that values and freight rates are unlikely to improve significantly for the next couple of years. The fleet is young so it will take time for over-capacity to be worked out. Much depends on China and growth. Also restraint by Shipyards to avoid adding capacity as soon as conditions start to improve.”

Frank Dunne

Partner at Watson, Farley and Williams

frank dune

Comments on the Shipping sector

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