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An Adviser’s Guide
to Business Relief

An up-to-date and comprehensive resource that contains the information required to make informed decisions about Business Relief
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What you'll find inside

Practical Guidance

Detailed overview of the types of BR investment and the technical complexities to be aware of

Case Studies

Real life examples of when and how BR can be used and what it can achieve


Step by step advice on how to develop corporate professional relationships with lawyers and accountants

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Why should advisers be considering BR? Typically, these BR solutions offer levels of return, access and flexibility that conventional estate planning solutions do not. Used judiciously they can be viable options for clients who want speedy access to IHT relief.


Learning objectives

» Understand the rules and practicalities that govern the relief.
» Be familiar with the main structures through which BR investment can be achieved in practice in various estate planning scenarios, including in conjunction with other estate planning options.
» Have an awareness of how relationships with professionals in the legal, accountancy and financial services fields work in practice and how to benefit from them.
» Understand how to integrate BR into their businesses.
» Learn how and under what circumstances BR can be used.


A guide like this is rarely the product of one organisation’s efforts: to ensure that it is up to date, comprehensive, accurate and captures all of the key issues requires an industry wide initiative.
We’ve had plenty of help producing this guide and would like to thank SOLLA, The Institute of Directors, Technical Connection and Higgins Fairbairn Advisory LLP.  Their input is invaluable, but needless to say any errors and omissions are ours.
Most of all we would like to thank our sponsor TIME Investments. It would not be possible to produce educational material like this without their generous support and contribution towards the production, printing and distribution of the guide.

Brief Overview

Business Relief (BR) has become an increasingly important IHT mitigant as financial planning for later life has become more and more complex. Recent HMRC research has revealed It’s application is “in keeping with policy objectives” and the Government, “is committed to protecting the important role that this tax relief plays in supporting family-owned businesses, and growth investment in the AIM and other growth markets”. While this is a sector in which adviser understanding and confidence can deliver substantial added value to clients, there are some tricky nuances and important developments to take into account, as well as the everyday nuts and bolts. Our guide is the first in a series that aims to give readers the technical knowledge and practical know-how to navigate the challenges of undertaking BR investment.

Corporate BR solutions, which help ensure a trading business holding excess cash continues to qualify for BR whilst retaining access to the capital, have the potential to help hundreds of small businesses across the UK, representing a new income stream for many advisers.


Comments on the BR Sector

BR plays a valuable role in preventing the breakup of otherwise viable businesses purely in order to meet IHT liabilities. The Government will keep BR under review, and is committed to protecting the important role that this tax relief plays in supporting family-owned businesses, and growth investment in the AIM and other growth markets.

HM Treasury’ Response to the Patient Capital Review

Most instances of APR/BR being applied to assets appeared to be genuine and in keeping with policy objectives.

HMRC, The influence of Inheritance Tax reliefs and exemptions on estate planning and inheritances

We are delighted the Government has listened to family business and recognises the valuable role that Business Relief plays in preventing the break-up of successful family firms, and supports them in investing in future growth.

Institute for Family Business Response to Autumn 2017 Budget

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