AIM Showcase



Review a representative sample of smaller company investment solutions in one half-day event, without having to undertake your own expensive and time-consuming research.

tick-44HEAR six leading investment providers talk about their investment solutions

tick-44NETWORK with their investment specialists without having to commit to any further meetings

tick-44COMPARE key investment information, including charges and levels of risk and return

tick-44LEAVE confident that you have reviewed a representative sample of the solutions in the market

What will the event cover

The content is based upon our findings from surveying advisers for the annual Alternative Investment Market Industry Report. Each presenter is asked to cover the same five issues that we know are key concerns for advisers:

THE INVESTMENT PROVIDER: ownership, length of time in the market, and financial strength

INVESTMENT OBJECTIVE: growth, income, or a combination of the two, and the targeted level of annual returns

UNDERLYING INVESTMENTS: Do you have a sector focus, or a generalist approach? What is the liquidity profile of your product?

CHARGES: Management and admin fees, as well as any other fees

RECORD IN AIM: AUM in AIM performance track record in AIM (overall) and performance track record of the product


How is it different from

..reading the AIM industry report?

While our industry reports give a comprehensive overview of the market, this event will focus in on investment providers and their products. Where the history, development and current landscape of the market come into discussion, it will be as a backdrop for the investment solutions presented by leading providers.