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E-Learning Tutorials

Many clients have shown an interest in alternative investments after the volatility and poor returns they have experienced in the mainstream markets. Use our training to educate yourself on alternative investments so that you can confidently discuss the topic with clients.

Avoid the Pitfalls

There have been some high profile controversies in the alternative investment space. Our training and education will help you understand the marketplace, how to assess alternative investments, teach you what to look out for and how to avoid the pitfalls and poor quality products.

Receive AiR

AIR, our annual report on the alternative investment market, collates all the latest industry developments and shines a light on the sector giving you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about the direction of your alternative investment proposition. AIR is CPD accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute and IFP.

Receive our Sector Reports

We produce in-depth reports on alternative investment sectors and strategies. We review the key issues in the sector, look at the risks, financial benefits and potential returns and highlight the most considerations when advising on these investments. All our reports are accredited by the CII, PFS and IFP for CPD purposes.

Investment Register

Our alternative investment register is the only comprehensive directory of the products in the alternative investment sector. We give you access to the register so that you can review the whole of the alternative investment market, compare products and conveniently compare investments.

Broad Coverage

We cover non-standard investments, UCIS, crowdfunding, EIS and VCTs, helping to train and support you on much less well understood areas of the investment universe.

Help Clients Diversify

The appropriate concentration of suitable alternative investments can help diversify a balanced portfolio and reduce overall portfolio volatility. Our training will teach you about the benefits of alternatives and how to successfully add them into your investment proposition.

Regulation and Compliance

The regulation of this sector can be opaque and confusing and has changed rapidly over the last few years. We help you keep up to date with the latest regulatory developments to help ensure that you and your business is operating in compliance with FCA requirements at all time.

How does it benefit me?

Independent Financial Advisers are required to evidence whole of market understanding and research of products and asset classes which might be suitable for their client’s needs. Our content, training and education programmes are accredited by the CII and IFP for CPD purposes to help advisers achieve this.

Why pay to subscribe?

Intelligent Partnership is the UK’s leading provider of research, reports and training on Alternative Investments, we are offering the first 500 subscribers an introductory rate of only £40 per month to access all of this content as part of our CPD accredited training and education programmes.

Not a financial adviser?

Since publishing AiR 2013 and our bi-monthly investment sector reports we appreciate there is interest from a wider community of investment and financial services professionals for our content. Should you be interested in purchasing individual reports or commissioning bespoke reports, research or training then we would be happy to hear from you, please register with us here.


We have been using Intelligent Partnership to train our advisers and introducers since they started offering their alternative investment masterclass in 2011. Their regular reports and training give us the peace of mind that we are up to date and can make informed decisions when reviewing or recommending these types of investments, particularly important now that a number of our clients ask for our views and advice on commercial property and alternative options, much of which has gone unquestioned before


Anthony Frost Independent Financial Adviser

The CPD accredited education, training and content that Intelligent Partnership provides gives our advisers a range of essential knowledge, putting them in a fantastic position when talking to their clients. Since starting to work with Intelligent Partnership in 2011, we have been able to rely on timely content and reports on alternative investments, providing information that isn’t available elsewhere.

Gregg Taylor Founder, What Group Ltd