Real Assets Investment 101: Gold

25 Oct 2013 10 minutes

  • As more and more investors opt to invest in the shiny stuff, we examine the choices for buying into gold, ranging from purchasing gold and bullion bars all the way through to investing in gold funds.

Real Assets Straight Talk: Guy Tolhurst

14 Oct 2013 20 minutes

  • This straight talking show aimed at finance professionals investigates the exotic and sometimes emotional world of alternative investments with Guy Tolhurst, from the 2013 Alternative Investment Summit and Managing Director of Intelligent Partnership.

Real Assets Head to Head: Collectibles

11 Oct 2013 10 minutes

  • Lawrence Gosling and David Stevenson discuss why so many investors choose to focus on emotional and collectible assets such as stamps, cars and art – are these alternative assets a great diversifier or are they simply too risky for the mainstream investor?

Real Assets Head to Head: Alternative Assets

4 Oct 2013 10 minutes

  • Investors are constantly encouraged to ‘diversify’ their investments across different classes, with many experts suggesting that ‘alternative assets’ might be a sensible source of future returns. But is this focus on everything from commodities through to rare cars and stamps, a wise idea for the average investor?

Real Assets Members Only Gold and Precious Metals Update

11 Sep 2013 9 minutes

  • In this short video, Intelligent Partnership’s Luke Jackson looks at what has happened to gold and precious metals recently and what that outlook may be for the future.

Real Assets Members Only Investing in Collectibles

10 Sep 2013 10 minutes

  • In this short video, Intelligent Partnership’s Luke Jackson looks at some of the benefits and risks of investing in collectibles, as well as what is available for investors. He also highlights some of the questions that investors, and their advisers, should be asking as part of their due diligence process before investing in this sector.

Energy and Renewables Report 2013

Real Assets CPD Accredited Energy and Renewables Report 2013

  • This in-depth sector report on Energy and Renewables comprises a detailed investment case for energy, demand and supply, imvestment considerations and potential in the sector as well as the first register of all energy and renewable investments currently available.