Farmland: Risks and Reasons to Invest

Real Assets Members Only Farmland: Risks and Reasons to Invest

28 May 2014

  • Farmland has traditionally been the preserve of wealthy families. Recently more institutional investors started accessing farmland for unique diversification. The fundamentals of supply and demand are shifting and the number of retail investment opportunities in this sector has dramatically increased in recent years.

Forestry Report 2014

Real Assets CPD Accredited Forestry Report 2014

  • Forestry is one of the most established alternative investment sectors and has long been favoured by the wealthy as a tangible long-term store of wealth. This report looks at the forestry sector from a retail investor’s point of view. The report includes detailed analysis of recent trends and developments in the sector, whilst considering the pitfalls to be aware of when considering this asset class and the opportunities that are available.

Silver: Risks and Reasons to Invest

Real Assets CPD Accredited Members Only Silver: Risks and Reasons to Invest

7 Mar 2014

  • Precious Metals have long been viewed as safe haven assets, providing balance to investment portfolios. Obviously gold is already established as a common retail investment, but silver is now in focus. With its many industrial uses, silver can outperform when economies return to growth as well as providing essential hedging in downturns.

Real Assets CPD Accredited Members Only FCA vs. Capital Alternatives: A Detailed Summary

25 Feb 2014

  • In July 2013, the FCA issued proceedings against Capital Alternatives and 14 other parties alleging that two investment schemes, African Land and Reforestation Projects (known as Capital Carbon Credits), were operating illegally as collective investment schemes (CIS). Operating a CIS in the UK without authorisation is a criminal offence. Capital Alternatives argued that the schemes were direct purchases of property and therefore not collectives.

Alternatives: Focus on Liquidity

Real Assets CPD Accredited Members Only Alternatives: Focus on Liquidity

17 Feb 2014

  • The Achilles heel of alternative investments has always been the lack of liquidity. Yes, they offer un-correlated returns, additional yield, higher returns and more excitement – but they often are risky and the lack of liquidity compounds that risk because it makes exiting the investment difficult. The benefits of liquidity are pretty obvious: you can buy and sell more easily, more frequently and more cheaply.

Real Assets Alternative Investment Summit: Graeme Price

27 Jan 2014 5 minutes

  • Graeme Price, Head of Strategic Partnership at UBS expands on his core & satellite approach to investments, and how your IFA to client relationship is the most important thing.