Tax Efficient Investment 101: Venture Capital Trusts

15 Apr 2013 5 minutes

  • Stephen Barber takes the time to talk about Venture Capital Trusts which are a closed-ended scheme which are very tax efficient and allow investors to access small but growing companies through private equity capital.

Real Assets Picks Shovels and Roughnecks: Precious Metals Special

15 Apr 2013 20 minutes

  • The monthly programme devoted to investing in commodities focuses on precious metals. Our experts look at prospects for gold prices as well as the varying dynamics of the global silver, paladium and platinum markets

Real Assets Members Only The Role of Alternatives

15 Apr 2013 7 minutes

  • Daniel Kiernan looks at the role that alternative investments can play in a well diversified investment portfolio, including the effect volatility can have on returns over a period of time.

Tax Efficient Investment 101: EIS

10 Apr 2013 5 minutes

  • In this episode David Stevenson explains EIS structures and funds. How they work, what to watch out for and what benefits they can provide investors.

Members Only A Guide to Securities Lending

8 Apr 2013 10 minutes

  • You may have read about securities lending recently in the financial press. Our man in the know, Daniel Kiernan, runs through a comprehensive guide to the activity of “sec lending”.

Real Assets Picks Shovels and Roughnecks: Episode 1

22 Feb 2013 20 minutes

  • The monthly programme that examines all things resource related with a panel of industry experts. Prospects for gold prices, will uranium pull up out of its funk and the great shale gas revolution comes to Europe.