Real Assets Members Only A Survey of the SIPP Industry

15 Jul 2013 7 minutes

  • Daniel Kiernan spoke recently at a number of industry events including the Association of Member directed Pension Schemes annual conference and the SIPP Investment Platform conference.

Real Assets Members Only Investing in Purpose Built Student Property

1 Jul 2013 12 minutes

  • In this video Luke Jackson looks at some of the key questions investors, and their advisors, should be asking of any purpose built student property investment they come across.

Real Assets Head to Head: Commodities

28 Jun 2013 10 minutes

  • In this episode of Head to Head, David Stevenson and Lawrence Gosling talk about investing in commodities. These fall into a number of different ‘baskets’ and can be an effective way to provide diversity for your portfolio as they have lower correlation with more cyclical investments.

Real Assets Members Only The FCA’s New UCIS Regulations

24 Jun 2013 8 minutes

  • Daniel Kiernan discusses policy paper 13/3 on Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes (UCIS) issued by the FCA on the 4th June.

Tax Efficient Spotlight on Venture Capital Trusts

17 Jun 2013 20 minutes

  • The first episode of Spotlight shines a light on venture capital trusts and explain why these tax efficient market listed funds have become popular as an alternative to ISAs and SIPPs.

Real Assets Members Only Drivers behind Purpose Built Student Property

10 Jun 2013 9 minutes

  • Luke Jackson presents a short video on the key divers behind the recent growth in Purpose Built Student Property. The sector has seen tremendous growth in recent years.

Tax Efficient Head to Head: Investing in Venture Capital Trusts

17 May 2013 10 minutes

  • Investment Compass’ resident experts, Lawrence Gosling and David Stevenson, explore the tax efficient world of venture capital trusts and examine why more and more investors are looking at these adventurous investment funds as an alternative to an ISA or SIPP.

Real Assets Members Only Gold Price Falls

6 May 2013 8 minutes

  • Gold has had a particularly volatile year and has fallen by over 30% since its peak in September 2011. Here Daniel Kiernan looks at some of the reasons for the recent fall in the price of gold.

Real Assets Members Only Alternative Investment Drivers

29 Apr 2013 7 minutes

  • The alternative investment sector has seen a large amount of growth in recent years. Daniel Kiernan looks at some of the key drivers behind the sector, including higher than target inflation.