AIM Industry Report 2016

Tax Efficient CPD Accredited Members Only AIM Industry Report 2016

  • Intelligent Partnership have published the first ever industry report focused on the AIM market. Part of their award winning Alternative Investment Report (AiR) series, the 80 page, CPD accredited report takes an in-depth look at AIM from advisers and financial planners’ point of view, with a particular focus on tax efficient investments.

BPR Industry Report 2016

Tax Efficient CPD Accredited Members Only BPR Industry Report 2016

  • The Report is 40,000 words and 110 pages long, and is a quick way for advisers to gain an overview of the BPR market – covering the types of products available, the risks and the key features to be cognizant of, suitability, market data and the political outlook for the relief. A section dedicated to planning case studies has also been included. In addition, the Report will also update readers on the new products that have been launched and examine how they have changed the composition of the market, and what new options advisers have when sourcing products for their clients.

    The report also includes a survey of advisers and a write up of an adviser roundtable Intelligent Partnership held to see how advisers feel about BPR, how they use the products and what they think their peers need to know about the sector.

EIS Industry Report 2015-16

Tax Efficient CPD Accredited Members Only EIS Industry Report 2015-16

  • The report surveys advisers, investors and providers and includes a comprehensive market analysis of the EIS sector. We look at the trends that are shaping the current market and our research will give readers reference points that provide a benchmark for costs, fees, the level of target return and other key features. We also discuss suitability, due diligence, the development of the SEIS and SITR and tools available for advisers. Whether coming this sector for the first time or wanting to keep up-to-date with the latest developments, this report provides a useful overview.

VCT Industry Report 2015-16

Tax Efficient CPD Accredited Members Only VCT Industry Report 2015-16

  • This is the first ever VCT Industry Report aimed at advisers. Compiled in autumn 2015, the report covers the history and development of the sector as well as looking at the opportunities that are available in the market today and the different operating models of VCTs. Readers will learn about the changes in legislation that were introduced in 2015 and the impacts they will need to consider when investing; the tax reliefs available and how they can be used to create tax efficient decumulation strategies at retirement; the challenges with analysing performance and fees and how they can be overcome; and suggestions for carrying out suitability assessments, due diligence and putting together investment panels. Finally readers will learn how their peers and other investors view the VCT market.

Dry Bulk Shipping Report 2015-16

Real Assets Tax Efficient CPD Accredited Members Only Dry Bulk Shipping Report 2015-16

  • Dry Bulk Shipping is an established industry that has been around for centuries and is essential to global trade. The industry is well placed to take advantage of any economic recovery and now could well be the perfect time to invest as there is not enough supply, so any rise in demand will have to lead to higher valuations. However, this is a niche investment and so advisers will need to inform themselves about the risks and benefits. Our report covers the investment case, the history, the current state of the market and the outlook for the future, so readers will be able to approach the sector from a position of knowledge.

Alternative Finance Industry Report 2015

Alternative Finance CPD Accredited Members Only Alternative Finance Industry Report 2015

  • The Alternative Finance Industry Report 2015 provides a view of the asset class through the eyes of retail financial services professionals, giving them the answers they require if they are to successfully engage with the sector.

    The report outlines and defines what alternative finance is, where is sprang from and where it is today. The report assesses some of the risks of investing and dives deep into the surprisingly diverse alternative finance investment universe.

    It also looks at some of the big developments and give our view on these changes.

Precision Engineering Report 2015-16

Real Assets Tax Efficient CPD Accredited Precision Engineering Report 2015-16

  • Another highlight in IP’s series of Real Assets Reports – which includes Rare Stamps & Coins and Fine Wine – The Precision Engineering Report is designed to provide readers with the background and knowledge to make an informed decision about whether investments in Precision Engineering would be suitable and beneficial for them and help readers understand how to mitigate risks.

BPR Industry Report 2015

Tax Efficient CPD Accredited Members Only BPR Industry Report 2015

  • The BPR Industry Report 2015 is the first market review of Business Property Relief (BPR). This 74-page report provides a look into the rewards and risks of BPR products and solutions, charting market growth and development. The report presents insights from the largest survey of adviser and provider attitudes to BPR plus guidance on client suitability, product selection, and planning scenarios. Gain understanding of the market with an analysis of all 52 BPR products launched since 1995.


Fine Wine Report 2015

Real Assets CPD Accredited Fine Wine Report 2015

  • The first sector report focused purely on fine wine as an asset class examines the investment case and the risks and mitigations of an enjoyable, collectible, tangible asset with a fascinating history and a future worthy of serious consideration. The Report explores supply and demand characteristics, geographic buyer profiles, investment strategies as well as the challenges around valuation and the expertise available to best optimise this portfolio diversifier.

Rare Stamps and Coins Report 2015

Real Assets CPD Accredited Rare Stamps and Coins Report 2015

  • This report takes a detailed look at the Rare Stamps and Coins sector. Covering the investment case, drivers of demand, recent and historical market activity, as well as the unique considerations and how to mitigate the risks of a rare stamp or coin investment. The report includes analysis of several rare coin and stamp indices and how they have compared to more mainstream asset classes. Alongside a comprehensive analysis of the market, the report highlights the challenges investors may face and provides guidelines for investing and opportunities in the market.