Meet up to eight providers of EIS solutions in one morning

Review a representative sample of smaller company investment solutions in one half-day event, without having to undertake your own expensive and time consuming research.

tick-44HEAR up to eight leading fund managers talk about their investment solutions
tick-44NETWORK with their investment specialists without having to commit to any further meetings
tick-44COMPARE key investment information, including charges and levels of risk and return
tick-44LEAVE confident that you have reviewed a representative sample of the solutions in the market


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What will the event cover

A presentation from Intelligent Partnership
on the current market landscape

20-minute presentations from a selection
of EIS investment providers

Scheduled breaks allow you to network with investment
specialists from each provider on their stands


The content is based upon our findings from surveying advisers for the annual Alternative Investment Market Industry Report. Each presenter is asked to cover the same core issues that we know are key concerns for advisers:

THE INVESTMENT PROVIDER: ownership, length of time in the market and financial strength and the investment team

INVESTMENT SELECTION: types of companies invested in, including their stage of business, and criteria used to assess business models and management teams

DEAL FLOW: Where they source their deal flow from, whether they have access to proprietary deal flow or deal flow not available to other managers

CHARGES: charges borne by both the investor and the investees during the product’s lifetime, including performance, admin, and deal fees

TRACK RECORD: their exit record from companies that would be expected to meet HMRC’s “risk-to-capital” condition and the performance of their portfolio

COVID-19: how they’ve dealt with the fall out from the pandemic including underlying investments, the impact on performance, and actions taken

DIFFERENTIATION: what differentiates the product from others in the market? what is their value-add?

ADVISER/INVESTOR SUPPORT: how advisers/investors are supported on the due diligence and investment journey into the product

What advisers have said about our previous Showcase events

In partnership with



Tax Efficient

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Blackfinch Investments is an established and experienced manager in the UK market for tax efficient and capital protected investments. Blackfinch specialise in Inheritance Tax mitigation through Business Property Relief (BPR) for both individuals and corporate entities, Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) Portfolios and also Seed EIS (SEIS) Portfolios. With a focus on capital preservation, Blackfinch look to protect investor capital through asset backed investment strategies in sectors such as property, lending, renewable energy and media. Underpinning this investment strategy is a first class client services and intermediary support team based in both London and Malvern, Worcestershire. Their approach embodies the Blackfinch philosophy: efficient client-focused solutions delivered in a simple and transparent way.



Calculus Capital

Tax Efficient

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Our diligent process, record of profitable exits and focus on capital appreciation distinguishes us from other managers. The Calculus investment strategy has remained consistent for the past 8 years, together with our structured investment process, strong risk management and very close monitoring of portfolio companies, we have been able to produce significant results for our clients.



Haatch Ventures


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Tax Efficient

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Mercia is a proactive specialist asset manager with a focus on regional businesses seeking venture, private equity or debt finance to scale their businesses.


Octopus Investments

Tax Efficient

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Octopus is a very different type of investment company. Whether you’re a financial adviser, an investor looking for tax-efficient ways of investing in the UK’s smallest and most dynamic businesses, or a company seeking finance for growth, we’re here to help. By putting your needs first, by listening and really understanding what you want, we can help you do smarter things with your money.

We manage nearly £5billion for over 50,000 customers. We offer straightforward products which solve problems faced by real people. We don’t believe in unnecessary complexity and only launch products when we’re confident they’ll do what we say they will. We’re working hand-in-hand with some of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs and management teams, financing companies capable of creating, transforming or dominating markets. Exceptional customer service and clear communication are integral to everything we do.

At Octopus, we’re building the best team possible. We hire the most talented people we can find, from both inside and outside our industry.



Oxford Capital

Tax Efficient

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Oxford Capital aims to make EIS investments accessible, easy to understand and hassle-free for investors and their financial advisers. The firm has two distinct EIS strategies – Investment in high growth companies from a range of industries and investment in companies which own infrastructure assets. The Oxford Capital Growth EIS portfolio backs established businesses to support their expansion. Oxford Capital builds each investor a portfolio of around 8-10 companies, providing the tax advantages of the EIS whilst mitigating some of the risk of smaller company investments through diversification. The Oxford Capital Infrastructure EIS invests in companies which own and operate infrastructure assets, such as renewable energy installations, earning revenues through long-term contracts. Because the investments are asset-backed, the Infrastructure EIS has a lower risk profile than some other EIS investments.



Symvan Capital

Tax Efficient

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The Symvan Group (“Symvan”) incorporates Symvan Capital Limited, with an asset-management arm and Symvan Securities, providing corporate finance advisory services.

Symvan Capital is an investment fund advisor dedicated to finding start-up businesses suitable for investment and then supporting them when funds have been provided. We provide an alternative investment approach to SME investing with the aim of delivering superior returns.

Symvan’s principals bring sector-focused SME corporate finance experience, rather than a background of just traditional asset management. Our tax efficient technology-focused portfolios are relatively small compared to competitors, allowing us to devote greater resource and time for the success of the investee company, rather than a short-term view by maximizing the funds raised. Whilst our decisions are always in the best interests of the companies’ shareholders, our focus rests primarily on helping investee companies achieve the necessary follow-on capital they will require to grow, ‘cross-fertilising’ companies within our own network of professional and industry contacts, and ensuring each has the advice and support needed to successfully navigate the pitfalls every start-up typically faces.




Tax Efficient

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