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After reading the report, you will understand the:

  • Differences between the various EIS operating models, including single company EIS, approved funds and un-approved funds

  • The changes to rules governing EIS that were made in 2015, and what impact they will have

  • The rules that govern qualifying companies and the EIS scheme

  • The tax reliefs available

  • Development of the SEIS and SITR schemes

The report will also give you:

  • An insight into client suitability by reviewing various example scenarios

  • How EIS can be used for tax efficient decumulation from a pension fund

  • Knowledge about the latest industry developments such as adviser platforms, the growth of SEIS and the role crowdfunding is playing

  • Suggestions for your due diligence and panel creation processes

  • Background to assess fees and targeted levels of return in the EIS sector

The EIS landscape is changing

 There have been lots of changes over the last 12 to 18 months: changes to legislation; changes to pensions; rise of crowdfunding; SEIS has been made permanent; higher limits for SITR are on the verge of being approved; new platforms are gaining traction with advisers; and more data on EIS is available than ever before.

This report has been put together with the help of these industry experts

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What people said about our 2014/15 EIS report 

Key Findings 2015/2016 EIS Industry Report

Time to reassess EIS?

The changes in legislation introduced in 2015 and the impact of these that will need to be considered when advising EIS. Readers will understand the tax reliefs available with some specific suggestions of how they can be used to address different client planning needs; the challenges assessing performance history when there have been so few exits; how to find a reference point to assess if the fees and charges are fair; and suggestions for carrying out suitability assessments, due diligence and putting together investment panels.

Access the information you need

The report surveys advisers, investors and providers and includes a comprehensive market analysis of the EIS sector. We look at the trends that are shaping the current market and our research will give readers reference points that provide a benchmark for costs, fees, the level of target return and other key features. We also discuss suitability, due diligence, the development of the SEIS and SITR and tools available for advisers. Whether coming this sector for the first time or wanting to keep up-to-date with the latest developments, this report provides a useful overview.

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Alternative Finance

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ArchOver helps companies to borrow. We use innovative, forward thinking solutions that rewrite the rule book used by traditional lenders. For investors we seek returns that are attractive, secured and insured.
Our mission is to provide the most professional and usable market place for Borrowers and investors to connect.
ArchOver is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under Consumer Credit Licence 663239/1. ArchOver is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.


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Canada Life


Combined Financial Strategies

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At Combined Financial Strategies (CFS) we believe there’s more to securing your future than just investing in the right products. We approach planning with ‘synergised thinking’ – carefully integrating your policies, accounts and investments so they’re working harder together to achieve your personal and professional goals.


Downing LLP

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At Downing, we aim to make a difference in the lives of our investment community. We design & manage investment products that help investors look after their financial wellbeing, while our investment partnerships support businesses in their ambitions.

In uniting the two, we build lasting relationships that become the foundation of our investment community. And in our openness to learn how to develop these we continue to evolve. We value flexibility, transparency and integrity in everything we do.


MMC Ventures

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MMC is one of the most active venture capital investors in the UK. We back entrepreneurs based in the UK with global ambition, and partner with them to provide capital and strategic input as they grow.

Founded in 2000, MMC has built a nationwide network that sources our proprietary deal flow and provides valuable connections for our portfolio.

We believe in putting our money where our mouth is. Of the £150m currently under management, over £10m has been invested by the MMC team – on the same terms as our investors.

Our investors are individuals and institutions whose risk appetite, outlook and values match our own. They invest through MMC fund structures that allow us to maximise their returns.


Oxford Capital

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Oxford Capital aims to make EIS investments accessible, easy to understand and hassle-free for investors and their financial advisers. The firm has two distinct EIS strategies – Investment in high growth companies from a range of industries and investment in companies which own infrastructure assets. The Oxford Capital Growth EIS portfolio backs established businesses to support their expansion. Oxford Capital builds each investor a portfolio of around 8-10 companies, providing the tax advantages of the EIS whilst mitigating some of the risk of smaller company investments through diversification. The Oxford Capital Infrastructure EIS invests in companies which own and operate infrastructure assets, such as renewable energy installations, earning revenues through long-term contracts. Because the investments are asset-backed, the Infrastructure EIS has a lower risk profile than some other EIS investments.


Sapia Partners

Real Assets

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Our independence ensures that nothing stands in the way of serving our clients interests. We create long-term, sustainable value for our business partners and clients. Our expertise comprises investments in private and public equity as well as debt instruments and real estate.

We focus on three main business segments: Investment Management, Corporate Finance Advisory and Real Estate Advisory. Our team members have significant experience in creating value through investing in and advising on transactions across Europe and the US.