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I thought it worked well as a guide to EIS’s for those entering the market as well as providing valuable statistics to those already active in the market.


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David Allard Managing Director, Financial Lifestyle Management

I have found this report very useful covering many aspects of EIS. Nice to see statistics and average charges in the report too. I have saved the report for future reference as it will be a useful resource to refresh my knowledge.

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Damian Oke IFA, Orchard House Ltd

Very comprehensive report and user friendly for non specialist investment advisers to give an update on the market direction and issues applying.


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Thorfinn Rendall Director, Orkney IFA Limited

An excellent piece of research; something which has been lacking within this area and industry. Since reading, St James’s Place have distributed the report widely through our network as a must-read educational document

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Tony Mudd Divisional Director, St James's Place