Free Alternative Finance Report written for advisers

Everything you need to answer your client’s questions with confidence

  • Comprehensive overview of the sector
  • Risks and benefits of alternative finance from an adviser’s perspective
  • In-depth analyses of different models: P2P, crowdfunding & marketplace lending
  • Full details of the industry’s approach to risk management
  • Key developments such as FCA regulation and the influx of institutional investment
  • Up to four hours CPD from CISI, CII & PFS

Alternative finance is entering the mainstream

The alternative finance market doubled in size from £267 million in 2012 to £666 million in 2013. The next year it doubled again to £1.74 billion. With ISA-compatibility on the horizon in April 2016, the pressure is steadily mounting on advisers to know about this investment class.

This report has been put together with the help of these industry experts

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What people are saying about this report 

Useful introduction if you’re new to alternative finance – or a helpful summary for experienced hands

This report gives you the working knowledge needed to answer your clients’ questions about alternative finance. As well as a comprehensive overview, it assesses some of the benefits and risks of investing in this asset class.

A report especially prepared for financial advisers

This report is the first of its kind – specifically designed to give advisers the knowledge needed to have an informed conversation with clients about alternative finance. And as we are the only independent CPD-accredited education provider in the alternatives space, this report will qualify you for three hours of CPD.

What you’ll learn about alternative finance

  • Key developments such as new regulations and the introduction of provision funds to reduce default risk

  • What meaningful data already exists and where to find it

  • Why P2P lending can compete with banks

  • What distinguishes high and low risk platforms

  • Key areas to query when conducting due diligence

  • The risks of investing and how they apply to the various operating models

Not convinced by alternative finance?

Many advisers feel alternative finance is unlikely to be appropriate for the average client. But is this right? The report could make you think again as a lot has changed to make the sector safer for investors.

Our survey results, which you’ll find in the report, reveal that that 93% of advisers were unaware that alternative finance is now regulated by the FCA. And just 30% realised that there are now facilities for reducing risk.

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We’re committed to providing balanced education in the alternatives space, earning our income from investment providers that sponsor our reports so we can offer them free of charge.

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The 2016 Alternative Finance Industry Report is supported by leading alternative finance providers



Tax Efficient

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Amati Global Investors is a specialist investment management business based in Edinburgh, and focussed on investment in small and mid-sized companies in the UK. Amati manages the TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund, an open-ended fund which invests in companies quoted on the Alternative Investment Market (“AIM”) as well as fully listed companies including constituents of the Small Cap and Mid 250 indices. Amati also manages two Venture Capital Trusts – Amati VCT and Amati VCT 2 – which are primarily focussed on companies quoted on AIM, but also makes some investments in private companies where the managers believe that either an AIM flotation or a trade sale will occur within 24 months.



Wealth Management

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Our common purpose is to help people achieve their ambitions – in the right way. This sits at the core of our business and underpins everything that we do. We believe that only a business driven by strong values can deliver strong, sustainable returns.


Cult Wines

Real Assets

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We are a family based company with core values of openness and transparency who have worked hard to establish a reputation built on mutual trust between ourselves and our wide range of clients around the globe.

Cult Wines Ltd boasts a highly trained team of investment specialists who bring with them a wealth of financial markets expertise and fine wine experience. Our highly capable staff excel at crafting sophisticated and highly responsive portfolios and are well-equipped in stock selection and strategising routes to market.

One of our key strengths that differentiates us from the market is our dynamic and forward-thinking approach to analysis and research, we are constantly engaged in the task of planning future strategies and providing our clients with up to the minute market data on a regular basis.

We recognise the importance of providing high quality support services and maintain open channels of contact between members of our team and clients, and are more than happy to invite visitors to join us in person at our offices in Richmond.

The team here is dedicated to the generation of returns and delivering best market value with a service widely recognised as the most competitive in the UK. Our specialists are ready to provide the necessary expertise, tools and market experience to enable you to build a profitable fine wine portfolio tailored to your own personal investment goals. We know our strengths lie in our people- dedicated, experienced and driven personnel across accounting, logistics and administration who will ensure that your asset management requirements are met at every level.


Foresight Group

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Foresight is a leading, independent infrastructure and private equity investment manager owned by its partners, who together have combined investment experience of over 200 man years across a wide variety of sectors. Foresight’s three investment teams operate on a collaborative basis with a pro-active and pragmatic investment style.

With current assets under management of over £1.5 billion, raised from UK and international private and high net-worth individuals, family offices, pension funds and other institutional investors, Foresight strives to generate increasing dividends and capital appreciation for our investors over the long term.


Jenson Funding Partners

Tax Efficient

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Jenson Solutions and Jenson Funding Partners are the strategic and operational advisers to the Fund Manager in respect of the 3 funds.

Foresight and Jenson Solutions have been working together for a number of years. When the government announced the SEIS initiative, it was seen as a great opportunity for both parties to help small growing businesses exceed their potential.

Jenson Solutions are working with Thompson Taraz and Foresight on the latest Fund a combined SEIS and EIS which is now open for investment and deployment of capital. Thompson Taraz is the Fund Manager of this fund.


PUMA Investments

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Puma Investments has a strong track record in providing asset-backed funding to established businesses across the UK. Our multi-disciplinary team is able to draw upon a nationwide network of offices to source, evaluate and execute transactions.

Our principal focus is on capital preservation and generating stable returns for our investors whilst seeking to offer robust downside protection. The business was founded on and continues to follow two guiding principles: protecting capital and minimising risk. This has always been and will continue to be our promise to our investors and business partners.