VCT Showcase



Review a representative sample of smaller company investment solutions in one half-day event,
without having to undertake your own expensive and time consuming research.

tick-44HEAR eight leading fund managers talk about their investment solutions

tick-44NETWORK with their investment specialists without having to commit to any further meetings

tick-44COMPARE key investment information, including charges and levels of risk and return

tick-44LEAVE confident that you have reviewed a representative sample of the solutions in the market

What will the event cover

The content is based upon our findings from surveying advisers for the annual Alternative Investment Market Industry Report. Each presenter is asked to cover the same five issues that we know are key concerns for advisers:

THE FUND MANAGER: ownership, length of time in the market, relevant AUM, performance track record and financial strength

INVESTMENT OBJECTIVE: growth, capital preservation, income, or a combination of the three, and the targeted level of annual returns

UNDERLYING INVESTMENTS: What are they, how will they generate returns and how is liquidity achieved?

CHARGES BORNE: charges both the investor and the investees face during the product’s lifetime, incl. performance, admin, and deal fees

DIFFERENTIATION: what differentiates the product from others in the market


What advisers have said about our previous Showcase events

How is it different from

…reading the VCT Report?

While our industry reports give a comprehensive overview of the market, this event will focus in on specific Fund Managers and their offers. We won’t spend long discussing generalities and basic information or the history and development of the market. The intention is to hear about some of the leading investment solutions without repetition or deviations into irrelevant side issues.

Our VCT Showcases are supported by investment experts from


Albion Ventures

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Albion Capital LLP was created in January 2009, when it acquired the business of Close Ventures Limited from Close Brothers Group plc and is structured as a partnership formed by the former Close Ventures management team. We think it is appropriate that a business investing in owner-managed companies is itself owner-managed.

We look to invest £1-10 million in a wide range of growing businesses, from technology orientated companies to service and asset-based businesses.

We enjoy working with smaller companies and entrepreneurial management teams, seeing our purpose as helping businesses to grow by providing financial resources as well as strategic advice. Our ultimate aim is to realise the full potential of the business invested in and so create returns for the shareholders in our funds. We act with integrity and respect for the people we deal with.


Calculus Capital

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Our diligent process, record of profitable exits and focus on capital appreciation distinguishes us from other managers. The Calculus investment strategy has remained consistent for the past 8 years, together with our structured investment process, strong risk management and very close monitoring of portfolio companies, we have been able to produce significant results for our clients.


Downing LLP

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At Downing, we aim to make a difference in the lives of our investment community. We design & manage investment products that help investors look after their financial wellbeing, while our investment partnerships support businesses in their ambitions.

In uniting the two, we build lasting relationships that become the foundation of our investment community. And in our openness to learn how to develop these we continue to evolve. We value flexibility, transparency and integrity in everything we do.



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Our portfolio of alternative investment opportunities focus on clean energy,
real estate, media and entertainment. Our professionals draw upon unrivalled industry relationships and deep sector expertise and investment experience.
Wherever we invest, we always apply the same principle – only investing our clients’
money where we are happy to put our own.

We seek to balance the stability and rigour of a trusted institution with the dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit of a growth business.
Our ethos and approach have delivered over a decade of alternative investment opportunities to an ever-expanding client base of individuals, institutions, family offices and corporate investors.


Seneca Partners

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Seneca is an independent investment management and corporate advisory business for High Net Worth individuals and SMEs. We have truly achieved our aim of becoming a home for SMEs where companies and entrepreneurs can access invaluable support and opportunities.

Our team brings together decades of success in providing bespoke investment and advisory solutions for our clients across a multitude of financial areas.


Triple Point

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We are an established private partnership founded in 2004. As an expert investment company, we build innovative products for investors and offer attractive financing solutions to a range of businesses and organisations in both the public and private sector.