EIS Showcase



Review a representative sample of smaller company investment solutions in one half-day event,
without having to undertake your own expensive and time consuming research.

tick-44HEAR eight leading fund managers talk about their investment solutions

tick-44NETWORK with their investment specialists without having to commit to any further meetings

tick-44COMPARE key investment information, including charges and levels of risk and return

tick-44LEAVE confident that you have reviewed a representative sample of the solutions in the market




What will the event cover

Curated by Dan Kiernan, Research Director of Intelligent Partnership, the content is based upon our findings from surveying advisers for the annual EIS Industry Report. Each presenter is asked to cover the same five issues that we know are key concerns for advisers:

THE FUND MANAGER: ownership, length of time in the EIS market, relevant AUM, performance track record and financial strength

INVESTMENT OBJECTIVE: growth, capital preservation, income, or a combination of the three, and the targeted level of annual returns

UNDERLYING INVESTMENTS: What are they, how will they generate returns and how is liquidity achieved?

CHARGES BORNE: charges both the investor and the investees face during the product’s lifetime, incl. performance, admin, and deal fees

DIFFERENTIATION: what differentiates the product from others in the market


What advisers have said about our previous Showcase events

How is it different from

..an EIS Masterclass?

Our EIS Masterclass events are purely educational – that’s why they are CPD qualifying. The speakers are there in their capacity as industry experts and thought leaders, and are under strict instructions to avoid overt sales pitches. The EIS Showcase turns that model on its head – it is ALL about sales pitches, but instead of the usual free-for-all, Intelligent Partnership are curating the event to ensure that you will get the same key information about each investment opportunity.  

…reading the EIS Report?

While our industry report is a comprehensive overview of the market, this event will focus in on specific Fund Managers and their offers. We won’t spend long discussing generalities and basic information or the history and development of the market. The intention is to hear about some of the leading investment solutions without repetition or deviations into irrelevant side issues.

Our BPR Showcases were supported by investment experts from



Tax Efficient

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Before making any core investment, we take the time to conduct in-depth market and company specific research, making sure we are working hard for investors.

Founded by senior managers and with a team of experienced, dedicated and specialist analysts and fund managers, Fundamental Asset Management is independent and objective and works closely with institutions, trusts and private investors.

For specialist AIM or Energy Services sector investment fund management, we offer bespoke solutions backed by an outstanding, 10-year track record.



Guinness Asset Management

Tax Efficient

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Guinness is independent and focused purely on investment management. Our in-house economic, industry and company research allows us to take an independent view and not be led by the market. Our size and specialist nature also means we have the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to any market movements.



Jenson Funding Partners

Tax Efficient

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Jenson Solutions and Jenson Funding Partners are the strategic and operational advisers to the Fund Manager in respect of the 3 funds.

Foresight and Jenson Solutions have been working together for a number of years. When the government announced the SEIS initiative, it was seen as a great opportunity for both parties to help small growing businesses exceed their potential.

Jenson Solutions are working with Thompson Taraz and Foresight on the latest Fund a combined SEIS and EIS which is now open for investment and deployment of capital. Thompson Taraz is the Fund Manager of this fund.



Lawson Conner

Real Assets

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Lawson Conner was founded in 2010 with the desire to create better ways of operating financial services firms by injecting innovation, multi-asset class expertise and excellence in client focus into the world of fund management. With that in mind, we brought together an exceptional group of talented professionals to cover a wide spectrum of financial services functions, all with one single goal: “Create a world class fund management and advisor platform!”.

Over the past five years we helped more than 100 clients to effectively navigate through the challenges of launching and operating financial services businesses. On that journey we have become thought leaders in the areas of onshore/offshore Fund Structures, AIFMD, the national private placement regimes (NPPR), FinTech business models and RegTech. The team at Lawson Conner covers a wide range of asset classes from long/short equity, derivatives, commodities, real estate to private equity and loan based investment models. We serve our clients from 4 different locations, in the US (2x), Hong Kong and from our headquarters in London.



Octopus Investments

Tax Efficient

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Octopus is a very different type of investment company. Whether you’re a financial adviser, an investor looking for tax-efficient ways of investing in the UK’s smallest and most dynamic businesses, or a company seeking finance for growth, we’re here to help. By putting your needs first, by listening and really understanding what you want, we can help you do smarter things with your money.

We manage nearly £5billion for over 50,000 customers. We offer straightforward products which solve problems faced by real people. We don’t believe in unnecessary complexity and only launch products when we’re confident they’ll do what we say they will. We’re working hand-in-hand with some of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs and management teams, financing companies capable of creating, transforming or dominating markets. Exceptional customer service and clear communication are integral to everything we do.

At Octopus, we’re building the best team possible. We hire the most talented people we can find, from both inside and outside our industry.




Alternative Finance

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Proplend is an online marketplace for secured commercial mortgages, where all the loans are supported by a registered legal first charge on an income producing commercial property.
Proplend was founded in 2013 in response to the fallout of the 2008 banking crisis. On one hand bank interest rates fell to and have remained at historic lows depriving cash rich individuals and institutions of much needed low risk income and on the other hand banks who had previously been very active in property lending had either disappeared or pulled out of the market.
The sector of the market worst hit was sub £5m commercial lending where there is a staggering £50 billion of existing debt that requires to be refinanced over the next 3-5 years. This is currently being serviced by less than 11 active lenders.
Proplend makes it possible for interest rates being offered by borrowers to be earned directly by lenders, circumventing the traditional banking system and creating a new asset class. This is the first time that private individuals and institutions have been offered direct access to commercial real estate lending opportunities.
Borrowers gain access to funding which is not otherwise currently available and lenders get the opportunity to earn risk adjusted monthly income.