Tax and Estate Planning Accreditation


Buying our full suite of e-learning courses is a more cost-effective way to access our CPD accredited resources and gain the full Tax & Estate Planning Accreditation.

Pay £195 per course, or £395 for all five courses that comprise the Tax & Estate Planning accreditation

To do this, add ONLY the Tax & Estate Planning accreditation suite to your cart. If you want to see our e-learning in action, select the Free Trial from the options below. 

Guidance Notes.

For Individuals

If you are buying access for yourself only then simply select the ‘Add to Cart’ button and then pass through to checkout to complete your purchase.

For Employers

If you are buying access to the course for multiple staff.

  • Click on the image of the product

  • Then select the ‘Enable Group Purchase’ checkbox.

  • Now increase the number to add to cart, so that it matches the total number of enrolments you want to purchase.

Note 1.

10 enrolments means that you will later be able to allocate 10 enrolments to the purchased course for individual staff members.

Note 2.

If you want to purchase multiple enrolments for our other online courses then please visit those course pages and add the number of enrolments for that course to the cart.

Note 3.

If you purchase 10 enrolments on one course and 10 enrolments in another course then you will be able to either:
i) enrol the same 10 staff on both courses
ii) enrol 10 staff on one course and a different 10 staff on the other course
iii) enrol some staff on both courses whilst others are enroled on just a single course

Note 4.

You will not need to allocate the enrolments on purchase as we’ll provide you with a tool in your user account that will allow you to manage which staff members should be enroled on which course as and when you need them to be.

Note 5.

Once you enrol a member of staff into a course your enrolment credit has been spent

When will my enrolments become active?

If you pay by credit card and you are an individual purchaser, then your course enrolment will be immediate and automated and you’ll be passed through to the home page of the course as the transaction is completed.

If you pay by BACS as an individual purchaser, then as soon as we receive your payment we’ll authorise your enrolment and you’ll recieve instructions from us on how to access your course.

If you are an employer purchasing access for your staff, then as soon as your purchase has been completed you’ll be able to allocate enrolments to your staff members.