Online learning on Business Relief

part of the Tax and Estate Planning Accreditation

Business Relief, also known as Business Property Relief, BPR or BR, is an incredibly valuable solution that can provide fast and flexible estate planning, sometimes where nothing else is effective.

This 4-hour e-learning course is an accessible CPD accredited resource for regulated advisers and support staff. New concepts, definitions and examples are introduced gradually, building a clear picture of the relief. It is intended to provide the knowledge, understanding and confidence needed to fully consider Business Relief and identify when it might be right for clients.

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£395 for the entire TEP accreditation



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Who is this accreditation for?

The BR accreditation works for a wide range of market stakeholders, from beginners to those who already have knowledge of BR who will gain CPD accreditation and a certificate evidencing successful completion of the course.

Course Format

The format of this course is an engaging mix of written, video and interactive original content that includes case studies, calculators, template documents, process flowcharts and decision making trees, all created in Intelligent Partnership’s signature style with high production values. The Learning Resources are signposted to learners taking the accreditation as important resources to support their learning prior to their final assessment.

After completing each module the learners’ knowledge is checked, and there is a final assessment at the end of this course to assess whether the learner qualifies for the certificate.

Learning objectives

  • List the advantages BR qualifying investments have over other estate planning methods;
  • Explain how BR can interact with other estate planning methods;
  • Detail the rules that govern the relief;
  • Define some of the key risks associated with BR;
  • Explain how Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax affect the income gained from Business Relief investments;
  • Explain what aspects you would take into consideration when assessing client’s suitability for Business Relief and define how you would conduct research and due diligence on providers.

Course Content

Background to BR
Understanding the Risks
Tax Relief Today
Estate Planning Services
Research and Due Diligence on Providers
Process for Claiming BR
Pitfalls to Avoid
Case Studies
Key Issues with Portfolio Construction
Focus on Underlying Assets
Final Assessment

You can access the detailed breakdown of this course here