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The Tax & Estate Planning Accreditation

Our CPD accredited e-learning programme is aimed at regulated advisers, wealth managers, paraplanners, accountants and solicitors that require a recognised level of knowledge & understanding in areas of Tax & Estate Planning

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£195 per course, or £395 for all three courses that comprise the Tax & Estate Planning accreditation


£75 per course, or £150 for all three courses that comprise the Tax & Estate Planning reaccreditation


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No paper or textbooks to carry around and progress is bookmarked and tracked automatically.

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Rich learning environment, using a combination of written content, video tutorials and interactive exercises.

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Our learning and development programme has been CPD accredited by the CII and PFS.

Available courses


Investments into Business Relief (BR) qualifying assets can be a powerful estate planning strategy, but when should advisers be using them, what should they be expecting and what should they be wary of? Find out more about the qualifying criteria, risks, benefits, due diligence and other important aspects of BR in our CPD accredited e-learning course.




Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) are investment companies that are listed on the London Stock Exchange and set up to invest in small to medium size UK businesses that meet certain criteria. Find out more about the criteria, risks, benefits, due diligence and other important aspects of VCTs in our CPD accredited e-learning course.




The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) offer a series of UK tax reliefs designed to encourage investments in small to medium size, unquoted companies, carrying on a qualifying trade in the United Kingdom.

Find out more about the qualifying criteria, risks, benefits, due diligence and other important aspects of EIS and SEIS in our CPD accredited e-learning course.



The Format

The format is an engaging mix of written, video and interactive original content that includes case studies, calculators, template documents, process flowcharts and decision making trees, all created in Intelligent Partnership’s signature style with high production values. Any Learning Resources will be signposted to learners taking the accreditation as important resources to support their learning prior to their final assessment.
After completing each module the learner’s knowledge is checked, and there is a final assessment at the end of each course to assess whether the learner qualifies for the certificate.

The course content

For each tax-advantaged area (EIS and SEIS, VCTs, BR) we have created a distinct and separate course, with consistent content that includes:


Background background and development of the scheme
Risks investment risk, liquidity risk, tax risk
Suitability examining attitude to risk, capacity for loss, portfolio balance and client sophistication
Tax Reliefs what reliefs are available, minimum holding periods to claim, the amounts that can be claimed and how to claim
Interaction with other reliefs including pensions, ISAs and other IHT reliefs
Interaction with other schemes how the different tax-advantaged venture capital schemes interact with each other, and which are more suitable in different scenarios
Rules the rules governing both the schemes themselves and the types of underlying investment that qualify;
Due Diligence due diligence and assessing investments
Case Studies case studies of both investments and clients.

Why an Accreditation?

Tax & Estate Planning is a growing area of financial and investment advice, and no advisory firm can claim to provide a holistic service to their clients without a comprehensive understanding and up-to-date of knowledge of the UK’s tax advantaged venture capital schemes and various IHT reliefs.

This is a complex and sensitive area that requires specialist knowledge, over and above what conventional professional qualifications provide. Furthermore it is an evolving area, with changes to the rules that govern the schemes and changing market dynamics requiring intermediaries to continually refresh their knowledge. Without specialist knowledge, areas such as due diligence, suitability, maximising tax reliefs and assessing risk are all potential weak points in the advisory process.

Claim your CPD

Intelligent Partnership has achieved accredited status for Tax & Estate Planning e-learning from the CII and PFS. Members of these professional organisations represent the vast majority of the insurance, investment and financial services industry.

Learners can claim up to five hours of structured CPD hours towards their relevant CPD scheme for each course they complete.

In order to obtain CPD and meet accreditation standards, learners must complete all modules within the selected course and pass the final assessment (20 questions with 80% pass mark).


“Seeking investments that may qualify for Business Relief, is a popular tax planning strategy with qualification for the relief potentially available after only two years”

What’s in it for Networks, Nationals and Compliance Providers?

Service providers and large IFA firms are acutely aware that they are in a double bind when it comes to Tax & Estate Planning: it is a complex area to advise on, but their advisers and clients often have less knowledge and experience here compared to more conventional planning scenarios.

To date they have addressed this by a combination of: providing expensive in-house training; extensive and time-consuming file checking over and above what is required with other planning scenarios; or by restricting what their advisers can do in this area (and therefore potentially doing their clients a disservice).

The accreditation aims to change all that. Service providers and IFA firms that encourage their advisers to take the accreditation will be able to let them advise in this area more freely, confident that they have had comprehensive and up-to-date accredited training provided by independent experts.

What’s in it for advisers

Advisers will qualify for up to five hours of structured CPD for each course they complete, and will be awarded a Certificate of Knowledge and Understanding in each area (EIS and SEIS, VCT and BR). When this is combined with standard file checking procedures by the compliance teams at their firms, the Certificate could be upgraded to a Certificate of Knowledge, Understanding and Competence. In this way, the Accreditation reduces the administrative burden of constant file checking and CPD tracking on both advisers and their networks or compliance providers. More importantly, advisers will be empowered to discuss the whole suite of Tax & Estate Planning solutions with their clients.


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